I've been running Club Dave's Loyalty Program in all my stores for over 10 years, and I can tell you it's had a huge impact on our business. I can also tell you it's a lot of work when you try and do it all yourself. I'm PetStoreMarketer.com's first customer. I've turned over all the data management and creative work to them, and they make it easy — and do a better job. They're also running our Frequent-Buyer Program that I offer on many different lines of food, like Fancy Feast and Dave's Simply The Best. I can target my best customers with offers that I know will keep them coming back to our stores.

Dave Ratner
Dave's Soda & Pet City

7 locations in New England

PetStoreMarketer.com is so easy to use. My rewards certificates, welcome, and lapsed mailers are sent automatically. This takes all the work off my plate and looks much more uniform and professional than if I were to attempt to do it all myself. When I am looking to boost sales or give a little extra "reward" to clients, I send holiday mailers. All I have to do is decide what type of customer I want to reach. I can also use this time to reach out to prospective clients using PetStoreMarketer.com's database.

Another great thing about PetStoreMarketer.com is the customer service. Cindy helps me with all my needs or questions and reminds me if I forget to do a holiday mailer. To me the cost is a no-brainer. I pay much more for advertising that doesn't work as well. This works and will be a part of my marketing always. Love PetStoreMarketer.com and am so glad I found them!

Mel Gibson
Gibson's Natural Pet

2 locations in Massachusetts

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