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Good business is about keeping in touch with your best customers and bringing new ones through your door. With, it's easy to keep tabs on the purchases your customers make and reach out regularly with targeted promotions to keep the register ringing.

Get Up & Running Quickly

As a busy storeowner, your time is precious. We do the heavy lifting to get you going quickly. integrates easily with your point of sale system, unlocking valuable insight into your customers' purchase behavior. You might be astonished by what you find — and how simple it is to get higher returns on your marketing dollars.

Build Your Customer Database will set up your database, build your loyalty program and manage the points, the marketing, and customer rewards. You can sit back and watch your sales and profits grow. You can also get involved and learn about your customers' purchase patterns and look for opportunities to target customers to spend more. Dive deep into your data or leave the analysis to us.

Construct Your Campaign

Browse our gallery of print and digital marketing covering a wide variety of themes — birthday, new-to-the-neighborhood, holidays, special events, sales, promotion of specific departments, and many more. New designs are added often.

  • Easy System
    The easy-to-use online ordering system allows you to select whom you want to target, and what coupons, offers, or announcements you want to include.

  • Customization
    Your marketing will be customized with your store name, logo, and store hours, and will be personalized to each customer.

  • Affordable Direct Mail
    Variable color-printing technology allows an unprecedented level of customization — and keeps your per-piece cost low.

  • No Hidden Costs
    Get on-the-spot pricing and confirm your order online. We handle the printing, addressing, postage, and mailing for direct mail and the blasting, unsubscribes, bounces, and reporting for email, as well as managing social media and mobile app campaigns.

Collect or Scan Your Coupons

Once your marketing goes out, your customers will start to redeem their coupons and offers. Each coupon contains coded information that links back to each recipient. We will link your point of sale system to and redemption data will be automatically added to each customer's profile.

Track Your Results

You can monitor the performance of your campaign right from Advanced analytics tools let you track the financial performance of each marketing dollar and determine the return on investment (ROI).

Grow Your Business with a Rewards Program

Unlock a new level of insight into your business — and help build customer loyalty — with your own rewards or frequent-buyer program. We'll design custom keytags, applications, announcements, and store signage to get your new program off to a great start.

In addition to targeted email and direct mail, your membership entitles you to a full suite of other tools and services.
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